A home should be illuminated to bring out the beauty that is already there. Our design approach combines functionality with an artistic point of view focusing on contrast and texture. The consultation and planning process puts your needs and unique style at the center of every design. We do this by identifying focal areas and unique features of your property or home, taking into consideration accessibility to paths, and amplifying functional spaces, our designs aim to cultivate ambiance while providing safety and security. 

In the outdoor lighting industry of today, manufacturers have successfully designed sleek functional fixtures and lamps that discreetly light almost any space. One of the original rules of “garden lighting” is to conceal the source of light as much as possible. This is a principle of design we follow closely, so it’s important we take the time to find and select the right products for each individual project.

Additionally, clear and precise design layouts are critical for achieving exceptional lighting systems and meeting your expectations. Accurate plans keep the customer and installers on the same page and make it seamless to maintain and upgrade your lighting system in the future. Our plans include all estimated fixtures and accessories so we can provide you with the most accurate quote and adjust as needed.

In order to support the DIY enthusiast as well as contractors that prefer to use their own labor, we offer design consultation and planning. We can help you get started with a great light design and excellent product selection to ensure you are getting off on the right foot with your lighting project. Contact us today to discuss rates for our consulting services!